SENSATIONAL MIX is an art initiative in the south part of Rotterdam (Rotterdam Zuid), and is formed by Roland Groenenboom and Nathalie Houtermans.These two curators separately have gained long-time experience and recognition with international exhibitions and interdisciplinary in situ projects. They have worked with renowned as well as with upcoming international artists, often from cultures that – for the arts – are not so obvious.

With its projects, SENSATIONAL MIX aims to let everyone share in the special experiences that artists could offer us through their work. In a world where censorship, governmental control and limited liberties are growing issues of concern, it is up to the artists and other free thinkers to direct attention to ignored (social) issues and break stereotypical patterns of thinking. This counts on a global level, but also for the way the centre of Rotterdam looks down on the south part of the city.

SENSATIONAL MIX wants to do justice to the cultural potential of Rotterdam Zuid by realising noteworthy international art projects in this part of the city. These projects focus on the specific social context of Zuid, from which the projects will be developed. Zuid will not profit from the placement of artworks by connoisseurs if these works miss the point when it comes to the specific context of this part of the city, which houses about 130 of the approximately 160 nationalities present in the whole city.

SENSATIONAL MIX sees it as a challenge to realise works with international artists and in close collaboration with inhabitants of Zuid, to not just realise projects about but in collaboration with these people. Next to art buffs, our aim is to bring people from other contexts in contact with the work of international artists that are invited to offer the visitor an unbiased view on Rotterdam Zuid through their work.  

But unfortunately....

Since 2010 SENSATIONAL MIX managed to realize some great projects, but Roland Groenenboom moved abroad in 2014, so there are no projects planned for this moment. However, if there is any chance to collaborate again, SENSATIONAL MIX will be back!